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Melbourne’s go to destination for Children’s Music Education!

Music is central to all of our lives. Be there to experience the beautiful discovery of music with your child by bringing them to our classes, watch them develop while you have fun together!



ELC Music Programs – customised for your centre




Our programs are developed by our highly experienced music director who spent over a decade as head of music in leading independent schools in Melbourne, Sydney & London.  

Tanya Bethune with profile photo
Tanya Bethune with profile photo

Do You Have a Musical Mind?

Of Course You Do, and So Do Your Kids!

“I wish I continued learning an instrument…I want my kids to experience music and learn an instrument”. Our founder, Tanya Bethune, has heard this time and time again from parents wanting to bring music into their child’s life. Parent-teacher nights and playground conversations were filled with these emotional wants and desires for their kids and themselves.

Musical Minds grew out of our founder’s passion for showing all ages how they can create and experience music—seeing the absolute joy in kids’ faces when they succeed. Those smiling faces are the driving force behind Musical Minds. Music is just as much for kids as it is for adults. When a child and parent share music, they’re building life-long memories.

Musical Minds has created a welcoming place where kids and adults can explore their musical minds. With experience in all areas of the teaching profession, Tanya and her team expertly guide you through your musical journey.

Get to Know Tanya and Meet the Musical Minds Team

Tanya Bethune is the founder of Musical Minds, a Music school for babies, children and adults. A little about Tanya: at the age of 6 Tanya was encouraged by her grandfather to learn music in her local Brass Band. She continued her love of music as a trumpeter in orchestras and blues bands, playing with inspiring musicians across Australia. Tanya continued her education at The University of Melbourne and progressed to a Head of Primary Music in leading schools across VIC and NSW, teaching children from age 3 months to 18 years. Tanya has experienced first hand the benefits of learning music from a young age and has researched, developed and written the programs that you learn today. 

“Miss Bethune, I can do it, listen to me, I can make a song using the music hand signs, I can sing ‘so’ and ‘mi’.”

Tanya loves to help children create music of their own and give parents and grandparents the skills to encourage their children to explore music at home. Tanya values self-confidence and the building blocks of an individuals growth. She has studied, researched, practiced, taught and lived music education in many different forms in variety of settings. Though this experience Tanya is confident that she can give you the best music foundation for your child’s development.

See What Some of Our Families Have to Say

“Our 10 month old loves to dance and make lots of noise, even though we aren’t very musical parents. But after each music class with Tanya, we had wonderful little songs to sing and had a lot of fun making music with simple, creative instruments. Tanya is a natural with kids and wonderful at making sure the class is age-appropriate and inclusive.”

Amanda Adams

“My daughter absolutely loved her sessions with The Musical Mind! It introduced her to themes and concepts that I don’t think she would have been exposed to until she reached school. I believe it helped her listening and sharing skills, as well as her ability to follow instructions. Tanya was always so warm and nurturing with her students.”


“Our Daughter loved her time at Musical Minds with Tanya and the other kids. Over the weeks, we started to see her facial expressions change as she began to recognise the sounds and songs being played. My wife and I have also begun using some of the songs at home, which has made bath times and meals more enjoyable for us all.”

Daniel and Kasey

Group Music Classes

Experts In Music Education

Every child deserves the opportunity to expand their minds with music! Musical Minds offers group classes and instrumental lessons for every step of your child’s journey!

Whether you have a newborn child and are looking to explore their sense of sound, a toddler who’s full of energy and wants to express themselves, a kinder child who is keen to experiment with music or a primary school student who wants to be the next Beethoven, we can fulfill all their needs in a supportive and creative environment.

Here are our 6 core programs where parents and kids can get in on the fun together!



3 Months – 12 Months

Our Babies classes are set in a comforting and gentle environment where you and your child are encouraged to explore sound together. You will be guided through songs and activities that can be easily incorporated into your daily routines.



10 Months – 24 Months

Your kids are on the move and our Crawlers and Walkers classes here to guide you through activities and songs that you can sing and play daily. This includes imaginative musical play through storytelling and puppets, dances, and instrument play to develop coordination and confidence.



2 Years – 3.5 Years

Learning music in a supportive environment is how your child continues to build their confidence. Through musical play, your child shares ideas with other children and learns how to take turns. They get excited about showing you new sounds they can sing and play and take pride in retelling a musical story.



3 Years – 5 Years

Your children are curious about the world around them. They want to know the how’s and why’s of their world. Our Kinder aged classes support your child’s curiosity through programs aligned with the Early Learning Years Framework. Your child learns how to interpret the Elements of Music: keeping a steady beat, identifying a rhythm, playing a melody and singing and hand signing pitch.


Lower Primary

Prep – Year 2

Have you thought about learning an individual instrument? Or would you like to develop the skills for making the transition to learning an individual instrument smoother? We show your child how to identify the Elements of Music and teach them how to play these elements: beat, rhythm, pitch, tone colour, dynamics and expression.


Upper Primary

Year 3 – Year 6
In Upper Primary your child learns how to read, write, and communicate using specific music terminology. The skills they use in music assist in their learning specifically in English and Mathematics. They are required to think independently and imaginatively, decode, analyse and problem solve. The small group classes enable your child to learn how to play in an ensemble, developing their literacy skills.


Instrumental Lessons - Group & Individual

 3 years to 93 years

Build upon your child’s group music skills by supporting their learning though group or individual instrumental learning. Our group instrumental lessons are a great way for a young student to begin: lower cost, build social skills and learn from a highly experienced teacher. 


Early Learning Centre

Australian Program- EYLFD

Our Early Learning programs are designed and developed at Musical Minds. The programs are customised to your centre and meet the Early Learning Framework Standards. Our program encourages school readiness, learn the xylophone to lead to individual instrument learning and learn the foundations of music that support all other areas of learning. This program is usually only available in independent schools! We are here now to bring it to you! 

Are You Looking to Share Your Passion for Music With Your Child?

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