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Set Your Child Up for Success With an Early Musical Education!

A child’s early years set the foundation for their future, especially in academic performance and happiness. Our team at Musical Minds are dedicated to providing young children with a supportive and informative environment centered around music. While meeting all of the Early Learning Years Framework, your child will be introduced to the wonderful world of musical instruments, singing, and dancing. Musical Minds works with you to create a program that is individual to your centres needs.

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Philosophy and Methodology

Our staff, including our founder and director, all have experience in working within different areas of the educations system, from Reggio Emilia to Community Centres, Tanya and her team expertly guide you through your musical journey. The Musical Minds philosophy grew out of Tanya’s passion for showing all ages how they can learn and experience music in a supportive environment that meets the individuals needs.

Musical Minds methodology draws upon the Orff Schulwerk approach and the Kodaly methodology including known songs and new compositions that reflect Australian society.

Providing children with opportunities to express themselves and offering guidance through these tender years is what motivates our team to work hard every day. Our educatos provide a supportive environment where the children are encouraged to explore and experiment with sound, learn new songs and develop a sense of musical understanding.

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